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International Quality and Accreditation Collegiate

International Quality and Accreditation Collegiate is the Education and Training wing of IQAC Council.


Launching PDQA Diploma on 15th August 2021, INDIA’s
Admissions start Online from 1st September 2021.
1st Class session online begins 2nd October 2021 (Gandhi Jayanti)
Admissions commence Online from 5th September 2021 on our LMS

PDQA is 1-Year, Online, Affordable, World-class Training Program for Graduate+ Professionals, available for the first time in INDIA. The Program Mission is to create 1,000 Mentors over 3 years (2021-2024) all over INDIA for “Improving Quality of Education for Quality of Life”.

 An Independent, Voluntary Accreditation of Faculty as well as Education and Training Programs is on our active agenda.

IQAC Collegiate mission is to offer Education, Training, Research and Publication opportunities to educational and training institutions and faculties associate with school, higher, technical and further education in INDIA and worldwide through online / virtual / hybrid mode.

IQAC is pleased to launch the first opportunity to publish Scholarly Articles and Research Papers on the broad Theme of INDIAN and Global Education Quality and Accreditation.

Invitation to Authors

In the 5,000 year old rich history of INDIA (BHARAT DESH) from the Ancient Ages of Vedas and
Upanishads to the Modern Age of 21st Century, thousands of Gems of Knowledge and Wisdom, millions of
Books and Billions of Articles have been conceptualized (Thought), published (Action), and destroyed (for new
Creation) — the three functions of Livings beings on Mother Earth.

How to Submit Articles / Research Papers

  • Articles / Research papers may be between 5 to 10 pages or 1500 to 3,000 words inclusive of original,
    author-created Tables / Charts / Graphs in Word document of A4 size with standard margins.
  • Articles / Research Papers should be in API style, single spaced, Times Roman fonts with Title in 14 Points, Sub-title in 12 Points, and Texts in 11 Points. Appropriate references and bibliography should be
  • Maximum 3 Authors shall be allowed for oneResearch paper. Multiple submissions are allowed up to 2
    Manuscripts on given Themes by the same authors. Abstract is compulsory and may be between 100 and 150
    words, followed by up to 10 Key words.
  • Doctoral Research Scholars are encouraged to submit concurrent Research papers on any of the
    specified 18 major Subjects / Themes / Volumes.
  • All manuscripts must be submitted with Quality and perfection in English language, and shall be sent for
    double-blind review. Secondary data Charts if used, shall be re-typed and Charts/Graphs re-created before
    first submission, Pictures must not be included. Articles of poor quality, with several mistakes shall get
    outrightly rejected.

Please send your Article / Research paper with one year waiting time for publication, due to
large volume of the Compendium.

Date of Submission : Cluster 1 and 2: June 2021 to March 2022. Cluster 3 and 4 : January 2022 to
December 2022. Expected Number of 10 Articles / Research Papers per Volume, and total 180 to 200 Articles
for 18 Volumes to be published.
Send Articles to: