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InPods AMS is a cloud-based assessment and accreditation management system designed for higher education institutions to help them systematically collect and organize data required for accreditation and assessments in one place, manage important workflow, and estimate score and grade. InPods AMS is designed to support the required processes defined by various regulatory and rating bodies such as NAAC, NBA, ABET, NIRF, and NMC for CBME.

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(2) IQAC Council has signed an MOU with InPods: with a view to facilitate the Indian Higher and Technical Education Institutions and Universities with the accreditation insight and speed of documentation in a cloud-based tech-documentation secured center to meet with the intricate process of Government Accreditation with NAAC and NBA, faster, say 3 to 6 months or one year. We shall be pleased to facilitate our Member Institutions use InPod’s cloud-based services at special affordable cost.

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The Opportunity

As per National Education Policy 2020, “By 2035, all colleges currently affiliated to a university shall secure accreditation and become autonomous degree-granting colleges, through a concerted national effort The license to function as an accreditor shall be awarded to an appropriate number of public institutions by National  Accreditation Authority (NAA). In the long run, accreditation will become a binary process, as per the extant global practice.” Indian Quality Assurance Council aspires to be a part of this NEP 2020 vision.                                                                                                    
Visit: Major Initiatives | Government of India, Ministry of Education                                                                                                                   

  • Indian Quality Assurance Council (IQAC Council) proposes to adopt the 18-Standards Model, based on the 18 Adhyayas of INDIA’s ancient system of Human Excellence narrated in Bhagwad Gita, which in itself is based on Upanishadas and Vedas, the most ancient knowledge system of INDIA.
Baldrige Standards of Excellence and Accreditation of Education, The United States of America, have also been incorporated within these 18 INDIAN Standards, appreciating the simplicity of the American Standards, which are followed by ACBSP and many other leading Accreditation Councils for several decades.Take a look at

“The RK Model of Human Education Excellence and Universal Accreditation for Education” developed by Dr. Rajesh Khajuria Founder, IQAC Council, after years of research.
 Detailed Standards shall be launched by 1st January 2022.
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History at a Glance: 
According to Mahabharata as well as the numerous puranas and diverse Indian history, Bharat Empire (former INDIA) included the whole territory of the Indian subcontinent, including parts of present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, North-west Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, as well as Java, Sumatra and Cambodia. It was dominated by harmony, wealth and prosperity.

(Further reading at: Revival of True India: Bharat, Hindustan and India and open sources)


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